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I’m a non-fiction author. Will Launchpad work for me?


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  • Gary D. Collier

    I came to this page to see what you say to non-fiction writers. The second link (SPF #44 About Joseph Alexander) is broken, and I got a 404 page error. 

    The first link went to a page of generic testimonials which were marked for different genres (Fantasy, Science Fiction, etc.) and there were a few marked "Non-Fiction."  I listened to each one of those.  All nicely done. I believe the people who were talking. But their comments were so generic as to offer me no help at all. I wanted to hear what specific kind of non-fiction they are writing about so I could draw parallels to my own field.  Alas, none of that is possible. Hearing over and over again, "This is life changing" is nice--I'm not complaining about that.  But frankly, you could have deleted all the genre's from the descriptions and it would be just as informative about non-fiction  (viz., not).  

    This page does not address the question.  I'm NOT trying to be negative; I am trying to find answers to my question.  This did not help. 


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